The Hindu’s and Buddha got it wrong; the point of life isn’t to cease enduring pain and being born into a physical body.

The point of life is to develop, through a process of strenuous trial and error, a place consciousness would beg to be born into.

Life on earth - is in the final stage of transitioning into something that could be regarded as - heaven on earth.

The books below comprise a shamanic-like trip that gradually reveals the origin of life and, ultimately, consciousness… in a way that has never been presented before.



Bill Hicks Bar was established on the premise that Western Culture has been in descent since two planes descended into two towers on a Tuesday morning many years ago. Instead of something positive coming out of a dour collective experience, like a punk rock or grunge movement, we got bicycles with baskets, shitty tattoos, brunch, social media (consumed while in isolation), the likes of DeadMau5 and a smoke free drinking environment; but at least the kids lungs are clean and they can keep in touch with their parents with the flick of a thumb.

To combat this bullshit, we took a walk up 1 bedroom apartment on Queen St. E, converted it to full commercial use and fucked the place up.

Since 2014 A.D., doctors, lawyers, artists, writers, first dates, salespeople, teachers, politicians, chefs, bartenders, servers, athletes, musicians, strippers, mechanics, engineers, bums, marketers, and a guy named Pat from Quebec who drives a bus - have all been coming up to the bar for no nonsense drinks, conversation and laughs.

If you like booze and rock music, chances are you’ll be at home as well.